Slurry pipelines

High abrasion resistance
Extraordinary abrasion resistance combined with low head loss decrease tailings transport cost


Pipes designed for the transport of tailings, slurries and fluids with solid load and high abrasivity.

The ECW® pipes´ lining combines two different coatings based on high strength ceramic epoxy


  • Tailiings transport
  • Ore pipeline

New improvements

Technical data

caracteristicas linea ecw
The best anti-abrasion performance, with the benefits of the Lok&PLay® pipe


  • Internal abrasion resistance: exceptional durability
  • Resistance to chemical, electrochemical and biological corrosion
  • External coatings for all types of environments and installation conditions
  • Buried or above ground installation.
  • No flanges or screws : installs in minutes, easily dismantling.
  • No concrete blocks.
  • Earthquake and landslide resistant


gama ECW ensayos corrosion


The pipe lining for tailings transport must withstand the abrasion caused by suspended particles.  Also, it’s roughness must be low to offer little hydraulic resistance, reducing the energy cost of transport

  • Rugosidad absoluta:   k=0.0212 mm
  • Coeficiente de Hazen-Williams:  C=140


EN 598 Section 7.8 (Modified) test, Resistance to abrasion, evaluates the behavior of a certain lining, in “almost real” conditions

ECW® pipes lining far exceed its competitors, presenting a thickness loss of only 0.05 mm per million wear cycles.


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CONDUKMIN catalogue 2019


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