Lok&PLay pipelines

CONDUKMIN Lok&Play® pipelines 

  • Decrease fluid transport OPEX
  • Take advantage of your infrastructure investments, due to an exceptional durability.
CONDUKMIN: a pipeline for every need

High abrasion and corrosion resistance

  • Tailings transport
  • Slurries
  • High solid load fluids

High chemical and bacteriological corrosion resistance

  • Proces water
  • Acidic mine drainage
  • Mine drain

Face complex projects without anchoring

  • High pressure
  • Steps slopes
  • Unstable terrain
  • Earthquake

Pipes and accesoriess with UL and FM homologation.

  • Critical installations and facilities protection
  • High resistance to traffic loads


The versatile pipeline

A pipe & joint system whose advantages extend to the whole CONDUKMIN range

Lok&Play® is a restrained joint ductile iron pipeline system that doesn’t needs bolts, welding, thrust blocks or trenchs.

It’s optimal for high pressure applications, step slopes and seismic zones.

Lock&Play® system consists of pipes, fittings, accesories and valves which cover all the pipeline needs, as well as connection with other pipeline systems.


Junta Lok&Play TR FLEX 12 - Naranja


Ductile iron pipes, are 18ft or 20ft long pieces, serial manufactured by centrifugation process inside a metalic mould.

Ther’es a variety of external coatings and internal linings for different applications.

Each pipe end is finished in spigot or bell shape, which is part of the Lock&Play® locking system.

The bell have two different chambers.

  • the locking chamber houses the locking segments, which prevents unplugging
  • the sealing chamber houses the Tyton® joint
Flange pipe ends are also available, to ease the connection with other pipeline elements.

Ductile iron and steel fittings.

  • 5.625°, 11.25°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° bend angles.
  • Different linings for differentr applications.
  • Ductile iron bends with Lok&Play® bell or spigot ends. may be supplied also flange endings.
  • Steel long radius bends.

Connection accesories are available, to ease the connection with flange or plaind end pipes.

  • Plain end pipe connection accesory admits diameter tolerance, allowing  watertight and traction resistant joining.

 Assured compatibility with existing elements.

CONDUKMIN sells valves for different pipeline applications:

  • sectioning valves
  • control valves
  • air control valves
  • purge valves

Different lining and valve materials, which are optimal for different mining pipeline needs.

High abrasion-resistant valves, with disposable rubber sleeves for preventing valve abrasion.

Características principales

The pipeline world preferred material due to it’s roughmess  and mechanic values.

diagrama tensión deformación HFD

  • Resistencia media a la tracción:      496 N/mm2  ≈  72.000 psi
  • Elongación mínima en rotura:   10%
  • Módulo de elasticidad:  165.500 N/mm2  ≈    24.000.000 psi
  • Resistencia mínima de impacto       7 ft·lb (9,49 J)
  • Límite de fluencia: 289,590 kPa ≈ 42.000 psi
  • High traction resistant
  • Allowable deflection
  • Ultra-low installing time

Different external coatings and  internal linings, allow the pipeline to face in abrasion and corrosionin most demanding applications. 

Tyton® elastomeric sealing joint.


The sealing joint compress the tiny gap , assuring sealing no matter the presion.

junta tyton


colocación ultra-rápida

Ultra-fast installation

compatibilidad con sistemas existentes


diámetros 4'' a 64''

4'' a 64'' diameter

Load resistance

Buried / above ground installation

Earthquake resistance

No anchor blocks

resistencia al ácido y abrasión

Slurry and acidic water suitable

sin soldaduras

No weldings

No bolts

Ultra-fast installation

With an assembly time of just a few minutes, Lok&Play® is the fastest deployment pipeline on the market.

Disassembling and reusing is just as easy.

Buried or above ground installation

Wall thickness and an unalterable coating allow placement in almost any terrain without special precautions.

Installation techniques: buried or above ground. Both of them are possible using CONDYKMIN Lok&Play pipes.

Sizes: 4'' to 64''

Every ANSI diameter size from 4” to 64”.

The chart shows internal diameter  for each size.


Compatibility with installed lines and elements is assured by:

  • Fittings and accesories with flange end for connection.
  • Flange end pipes availability.
  • Pieces for restrained connection with every plain end pipe.

Load resistance

Ductile iron mechanical properties provide gret advantages:

  • High resistance to internal pressure, even in above ground installation.
  • High resistance to traffic loads, even with little trench cover.


Our pipes and fittings are earthquake resistant due to:

  • Allowable pulling force in the joint.
  • Allowable deflection.
  • Joint expansion/contraction performance.

Our pipe and fittings are ISO 161434 certified for earthquake and subsidence-resistance.

We provide also special pipes and fittings for projects in which large ammounts of expansion/contraction and deflection capabilities are needed.


Slurry and acidic water suitability

Thers’s a  CONDUKMIN products range foe every mining aplication, which determines the pipe inside lining.

We also offer different external coatings for different soil corrosivity.

No anchor blocks

Tractive strength of the Lok&Play joint prevents unplugging. No concrete blocks are needed .

Hydraulic force originated in the bend is longitudinally transmitted along he pipeline, and compensates with ground friction.

Tractive strength and allowable deflection between pipes, make the pipeline resistant to earthquakes and landslides.

No bolts and no welding needs

Locking the joint is a simple hand task that takes only a few minutes, even in high diamaterss

Nor welding machine displacements, electrical power or welding control taskas are needed.

The joint is traction resistant, and  ground adaptable, without the risks and inconveniences of a rigid joint.

Joining systems comparative chart

Pipe joining systems comparative chart


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