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The core of our activities

Engineering is the core of our activities.

More than thirty years experience in project developing for institutional and private clients make us a safe value.

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Project phases

We provide know-how in any project phase.

  • Trade off
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
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Our main application fields, for which we have the human team, and first-line technical tools:

  • Hydraulic engineering, pipeline and auxiliary structures.
  • Topography and cartography.
  • Geological-geotechnical studies.
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology.
  • Structural engineering.
  • Budget and cost estimation.
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We continue above services providing Construction Management advice. 

A wider Project Management framework is also offered, giving you the complete project control with results orientation.

Construction management

Convergence between design and infrastructure

Construction Management ensures convergence between design and built infrastructures.  

A close execution control ensures the planned scope achievement.  Time and quality deviations are detected and corrected on time, without undesirable consecuences.

Field work

Our field works:

  • Installation team training.
  • Performance monitor and control.
  • Inspection Points Program.
  • Risks control.
  • Data collection.
  • 24/7 asistance.
  • Tests control and setting up.

desk work

Our desk works during construction phase:

  • Recalculation/redesign (new requirements adequacy).
  • Operation and maintenance manual.
  • Scope, quality, performance, risk and technical reports.
  • Technical compliance.
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Project management

Take total control of your project

We are Project Managing Experts. From design planning to start up, we offer years of experience and continuos learning attitude.

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  • Integration Management.
  • Scope Management.
  • Time Management.
  • Cost Management.
  • Human Resources Management.
  • Communications Management.
  • Risks Management.
  • Purchasing Management.
  • Stakeholders Management.


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