CONDUKMIN by CONSTRUTEC Application Department works side by side with manufacturers and clients in order to develop our mining fluid transport products range.

New designs and improvements are tested:

  • in the lab, where their performance is verified
  • in real life in the mine, where our products are monitored through their whole life cycle

New improvements born in the field are implemented in new products series, also with installation and maintenance processes renewal.

The ECW® range development

ECW® product range for tailing and slurry transport is an R+D+i example in continuous improvement environment.

During real-life testing phase, we made changes to pipes and fittings geometry. We also tested new linings and reformulated existing ones, in search of a defined goal.

Developing the best slurry transport pipe in the market

ECW® development began in 2012, when several test-pipelines (pipes and fittings) were installed  to evaluate their performance in high-abrassion slurry transport. Geometric changes were improved on the pipes and fittings thanks to the results obtained, in order to reduce abrasion effects.

Meantime, in USA, new ceramic epoxy based linings were tested, both directly applied to ductile iron or over a base layer.

The continuosly improved  outcome of this process is a pipe and fittings range, which is perfectly suited to mining fluid transport requirements specially abrasion and corrosion resistance.


Brochure CONDUKMIN 2019

CONDUKMIN brochure 2019

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CONDUKMIN catalogue 2019

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CONDUKMIN catalogue 2019


CONDUKMIN in Perumin 2019

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